NC Farm Act Amendment: “Right to Farm” or “Right to Pollute?”

A federal judge recently awarded citizens living near a large (15,000 head) hog-rearing factory in rural North Carolina damages for the nuisance caused by the facility’s open-air waste management processes, in which hog manure and urine is liquefied, stored in giant outdoor cesspools and then sprayed on land near their properties.  The lawsuit targeted the […]

Three GenX Bills and a Call to Action

The General Assembly introduced three bills on managing the water quality crisis we are facing due to emerging contaminants like GenX. Representatives Davis, Grange, Iler, and Brisson introduced House Bill 972. Senators Lee, Rabon, and Meredith introduced Senate Bill 724. They are identical. Representatives Butler, Harrison, W. Richardson, and Floyd introduced House Bill 968. It is […]

At the Mercy of the Feds? EPA May Provide GenX Standard Ahead of State

Among Governor Cooper’s Science Advisory Board’s (SAB) primary objectives is to “act as consultants on DEQ’s determinations to regulate releases of contaminants,” i.e. provide a recommendation on a health goal that is enforceable by law.  They have held four meetings since October, 2017 and based on the most recent meeting’s discussion this past Monday, they […]