About Clean Water Matters NC

Clean Water Matters NC was a blog created in 2018 during a one-year campaign managed by Cape Fear River Watch with support from the Southern Environmental Law Center.

The initiative focused primarily on four issues:

  1. Industrial pollution – from GenX (and other emerging contaminants), and from industrial farms (CAFOs)
  2. Attempts to dismantle the federal Clean Water Act
  3. The effort to reclassify a portion of the Cape Fear River as a Swamp
  4. State legislation relating to water quality

We published a number of articles on these topics, along with multi-media about our efforts to increase public participation through outreach and education on these issues. 

The blog is no longer updated, but the ACTION ITEMS are still viable and there is plenty of valuable information about the history of these issues and CFRW’s involvement in them. 

Please contact Dana Sargent at dana@cfrw.us with questions or comments.